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What Finlayson Digital says doesn't really matter. What our clients say really does. Learn how these ecommerce businesses have benefited from working with Finlayson Digital...

Ellie Degraeve, Founder and Owner, Go For Zero

Ellie Degraeve

'Murray took time to really understand my business, who my customers are and what would increase my sales. We always received fast service with well documented steps he took.

Murray goes beyond what we expected and gave us so many tips on how to improve other parts. I love working with him and would definitely recommend his services.'


Gina Gatford, Founder and Owner, AbsoluteSkin


‘My business has experienced great sales results with having Murray onboard and supporting the business with all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Murray is efficient, has an eye for detail, easy to work with and puts forward some great ideas for business growth.’


Quentin Long, Co-Founder, Australian Travel Media

‘Murray is a highly pragmatic strategic thinker, perfect for our business.

He brings a clarity and calmness to what can seem a chaotic challenge. His ability to distill the complexity of our digital business into simple to understand KPIs and initiatives has provided us with a solid foundation for management and growth.

The clear business plan he has helped us develop is invaluable. He is a key part of our most important growth business.’


Frances and Nichola, co Founders and Owners, Organic Nights

'We really appreciated Murray's expertise when it came to setting up Klaviyo, as well as his general advice on digital marketing issues we were having, as we tackle the first year of launching our GOTS-organic ethical sleepwear fashion label for children.

Murray is supremely helpful and generous with his advice; he has already helped to automate many of our email systems to improve our customer service and to enable us to be more responsive and engaged with our clients.

We feel confident that Murray can assist us with the myriad of issues we imagine will spring up as we expand our business and we appreciate that we have someone like Murray to call on as we grapple with finding solutions.

We have no tech expertise within our partnership, so it has been a god-send to find someone who can explain in layman's terms exactly what we need and the fastest and most affordable way to achieve it.

We would recommend Murray to other businesses looking for an honest, fast-working and experienced digital marketer.'


Caroline Trapp, co Founder and Owner, Botanic+co

'As a start up ecommerce business, we sometimes don't even know what we don't know! Murray has been outstanding, not only at setting up Klaviyo as our automated email marketing platform, but also in providing guidance in other aspects of digital marketing.

He also helped us navigate some of the more technical aspects of digital marketing, which we could never have done ourselves.

Murray is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!'


- Rachel Boutagy, Founder and Owner, Australian Natural Protein Company

‘I am a start up company with plenty of knowledge about my product, but very little about marketing and driving online traffic. I was lucky enough to be recommended Murray for help in these areas.

I've already learnt a lot, and really appreciate his sensible and thorough approach, as well as his ability to meet me where I am at by coming up with steps and strategies that I can manage in the early stages where funds are not plentiful. Working with Murray, I know I am not going to make the classic mistakes which result in a lot of lost time and money.

I can see the progression and look forward to the rest of the journey using his expertise and guidance. I highly recommend Murray to anyone in ecommerce.’


- Matt & Kimi, co Founders and Owners, Shoes for Feets

'Designing and organising our automated emails was a daunting task for our online business and we struggled to find the right person to help us with this.

Murray at Finlayson Digital set us up with Klaviyo and his expertise put us at ease. We trust Murray to create and promote a professional communication with our customers.

As a result of working with Murray for over a year, we have had a significant increase in both repeat customers and revenue and we genuinely enjoy the communication with our customers.

We can recommend Finlayson Digital as a reliable, flexible and good valued source for automated emailing.'


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