Brand story: Askov Finlayson

Just had to post this brand story.

Just love everything about this brand…

Just a shame that reading on the StarTribune is such a horrible experience, those ads and forced refresh are insane!

Askov Finlayson's new line of eco-conscious parkas

If you think ecommerce growth is as simple as offering the same as everyone else, but at a lower price, think again. That’s a race to the bottom.

Growth will come from offering real value. Not just to your customers, but to the World around you.

There is a new wave of consumer, with a different set of values. For instance, they believe we’re all shareholders in the same planet.

Consequently, my goal is to work with and support ecommerce stores who share the same values.

Bravo Askov Finlayson!

#KeepTheNorthCold @AskovFinlayson

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